The good news is more women are working today than ever before. What is often overlooked are the challenges that come with that. 

Being a woman in business is tough, there's the emotional roller coaster of our monthly cycle, to be taken seriously in senior roles, the fear of losing that position should we choose to have children, juggling a family (or not) and then facing into the realities of menopause. 

Our workshops are designed to support and educate all women, bringing them together with yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques. Helping to boost self confidence, end self doubt and empower.



Workshops tailored specifically for women

Many extraordinary women live their lives with limiting beliefs that hold them back in their careers, love life and body image.

By introducing self-love, self-acceptance and developing a positive body image, we can start to break the negative patterns. By setting new positive intentions about how we feel, think and speak to ourselves and others. 

This 60 minute workshop will include:

 - Find your inner goddess yoga practice

 - Ways to cultivate gratitude into your life

 - Set intentions to manifest your dreams

 - Energy clearing and releasing toxins


Taking away valuable insights to help you make positive changes with the tools you need in order to move beyond your fears.

4.5 million women in their 50's are currently employed in the UK. Over 50% of those women, say menopause symptoms  make it difficult to do their job, with 10% leaving their job all together.

This 60 minute workshop will include:

 - Calming yoga to relieve stress and insomnia

 - Cooling breathing techniques to reduce heat

 - Mindfulness meditation for anxiety 

 - Nutritional guidance for the body's changing needs 


With the right support, there is no need for women to press pause on their career, our workshops bring women together to share experience, create community and help to end suffering in silence. 



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