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Simple, accessible wellness tips and words of wisdom from our team of instructors.

This weeks wellness tips are brought to by Philly Aime, she a yoga teacher, holistic therapist and creator of her own Ayurvedic oil collection. She became part of Equanimity after meeting our founder at the Om Yoga last year. Philly's kind and gentle nature makes practicing yoga with her a tranquil delight. She often incorporates her oils into class with mindful meditations and massage, ending the practice with a crystal sound bath during savasana. 

Our tips are designed to help encourage subtle changes that can be incorporated into a busy day. Sometimes a small adjustment can make all the difference. We 100% agree with Philly starting your day with gratitude its a great way to set yourself up, to appreciate what we have and to remind ourselves that even on the toughest of days we can still find things to be grateful for, even if it's the comfy bed we slept in the night before.

We simply love the reminder to also be ourselves and if you have to really really chase something, perhaps it's not for you.

What is the first thing you do each morning? - I set my mind up for the day by expressing gratitude for life and what my day ahead holds. I do this by meditating for up to 10 minutes, setting an intention and breathing naturally. This helps to wake up my mind. Next, I then wake up my body by doing at least 20 minutes yoga stretches; this helps to energise my body and sharpens my concentration. Finally, I have some herbal tea to revitalise my digestive system. My favourite is freshly sliced lemon and ginger as its re hydrating.

If you had 30 minutes to improve your wellbeing, what would you do? - I would take a nice walk, preferably in nature. London is a very busy city, with full time jobs calling up to 40 hours per week; most people find themselves doing up to 60 hours. During office hours, it does a lot of good to the mind to leave the office environment and get some fresh air. I wish I did this more often.

Your top 3 tips for living well?

1. Be you: Understand what works for you and find your own way. If you have to force it, leave it. Set goals and expectations that you know you can reach and try not to compare yourself or your achievements with someone else. This includes relationships, yoga poses and even outward appearance. You are uniquely you and you are beautiful.

2. Exercise for enjoyment - dancing or hula hooping is my go to fun exercise. It helps to raise your vibrations and release happy hormones. So, play your favourite up beat music and get your dance on.

3.Self Care: Eat well, sleep well, find a balance for yourself and your mind. Take some time to be present in the moment and enjoy it.

What motivates you? - My family, they are my biggest source of inspiration and my strongest supporters as well.

A quote that inspired you and that you now live by? - As long as you are breathing...This is something my gran would always say and when I find myself in difficult situations which cause me stress and anxiety, I take a deep breath and tell myself: As long as you are breathing, there is more right with you than wrong with you; no matter what is wrong. I also like this quote by C.S Lewis: 'You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change everything.

If you are interested in hearing more from Philly and bringing her to your workplace, event or retreat, please get in touch. Philly will also be the at Om Yoga show teaching next week.


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