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Our 12 winter wonder wellness tips.

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

December is a wonderful time of year, a time when we see more of our families, cram the diary full of social events, drink a little more wine, eat more food, our routine goes out the window as does our exercise. So its easy to overindulge and overwhelm ourselves with festivities, present buying and planning the big day. As much as we’re excited for the break, it’s really important to make sure that we’re looking after our minds and bodies too.

So here’s a few presents from us, that will help to support your mind and body over the festive break.

1. Make time for you.

Have you ever found yourself snapping over the tiniest things due to a build-up of other things? The Christmas period is so sociable and busy for most of us, that it’s easy to forget about yourself and what you need. Make sure that you’re still scheduling in your ‘me time’, to do the things that you love to do and you know keep you balanced. Pamper yourself or just be on your own simply enjoying being, rather than doing is also vitally important.

Top Tip: Scheduling 10 minutes for yourself every day, will reduce the festive frictions as well as giving your adrenal glands a much-needed break. Read, meditate, write a gratitude list or go for a quick walk round the block.

2. Be in the moment.

Christmas is all about spending QUALITY time with families, friends. Our modern world makes it very hard to be truly present, but Christmas is a great time to practice this skill. Press pause on Home Alone, stop refreshing instagram and take this cherished time to re-connect with the people that really matter in your life. You can save your movies and online shopping for your own house.

Top tip: Staying present – this means stop looking forward to the next thing, slow down and enjoy the right now.

3. Keep Moving.

Travelling around over Christmas is something most people have to do, which quickly means that we don’t have access to our usual gyms, parks, or wherever it is that we exercise. We are also giving our bodies the extra challenge of digesting foods we don’t normally eat. Your lymphatic system is your body's waste removal system, it requires movement to eliminate the toxins your body is constantly processing – otherwise, if these toxins hang around too long they get reabsorbed into your blood stream. Exercise is a great place to start; short bursts of jumping, dancing and sprinting are the best choices but power walking also has it’s benefits.

Other ways to move your lymphatic system include dry skin brushing, massage and relaxing in an Epsom salt bath for 10-20 minutes.

4. A present for your liver.

Wine for breakfast anyone? I’m not sure what everyone’s habits are over Christmas but we are definitely impartial to a wine the minute it becomes an acceptable time to open up a bottle. It’s really easy to forget to stay hydrated, with a large consumption of food and alcohol, so keep an eye on the amount of water you’re drinking. This will help you to detoxify but also help to stop you from overeating, feeling lethargic and overall less ‘you.’ Try water with fresh lemon throughout the day to help along the process.

Top Tip - one water one wine and repeat!

5. Keep up your greens.

No matter how healthy you are throughout the year, it’s SO EASY to overeat unhealthy foods over Christmas. Mince pies, Christmas cake, and other tasty treats are everywhere and it’s totally impractical to always say no. This being said, making sure that you get enough vegetables down you will ensure you’re still getting a good amount of vitamins and nutrients that are needed for you to stay healthy. Filling up on vegetables will also mean that you’re less inclined to feast on the unhealthy foods.

6. Give you digestive system a holiday too!

No-one likes to be overworked at Christmas, so don’t force your digestive system to work back to back shifts either. This is especially relevant if you eat lots of processed foods, drink alcohol or consume too much sugar. These culprits are the worst offenders for cell damage. Our digestive system can only regenerate cells and repair damage when we are in a fasted state i.e. not digesting. Therefore giving your body a 12 hour break increases the amount of time the digestive system has to repair itself and process last nights profiteroles!

Top tip; Plan ahead, if you know you’re going out for an 8pm dinner, start the morning with water, herbal teas and some exercise, its all about balance! If you can fast until midday.

7. Moderation is your friend.

There’s no escaping the fact; Christmas revolves around food so instead of parting with certain comfort foods, strive towards an 80-20 balance. Realistically Christmas is one day so enjoy and truly savor every mouthful on Christmas day but don’t let it be your excuse for all of December!

Top tip; Eat real foods (as close to nature as possible) 80% of the time by eating more nutrients and less chemicals.

8. Mindful mouthful– De-stress to Digest

This one is so important, humans cannot effectively digest foods in a sympathetic state i.e. stressed. This means when we are rushing around, having family feuds or shovelling food down our necks like it’s an Olympic sport – our body simply doesn’t absorb as many nutrients and our mind forgets we’ve even eaten! This results in over consuming empty calories, making us more and more nutrient deficient and increases those dreaded cravings!

Digestions starts in the brain; seeing and smelling food releases the correct enzymes to aid digestion, chewing your food properly then allows you to savour tastes whilst reducing the workload on your stomach acid.

Top tip; Put your cutlery down between bites, this will force you to slow down. Then make sure you are truly enjoying the food, waste is waste whether it goes in the bin or on your hips!

9. Get outside to experience the magic.

Thousands of studies have been carried out on the benefits of nature; from reducing depression and anxiety to lowering blood pressure and even helping with ADHD and autism in children. You don’t need mountains or woods to reap the benefits of the great outdoors. Find parks, green spaces or even your garden, wrap up warm and throw on some wellies.

10. Give More Than you Ever Expect to Receive.

Were not talking about presents, the most valuable thing anyone can ever give is their time.

Doing something for a friend, helping a stranger, volunteering, making a present, completing random acts of kindness or simply taking the time to genuinely thank someone will strengthen relationships and create experiences that material gifts can’t even get close to.

11. Rest.

Christmas is party time but its also the perfect time to nap by the fire and recharge our batteries. Our sleep pattern will likely be disrupted if we are staying in a different bed so try and give yourself plenty of time to get settled and get your much needed 7 to 9 hours per night.

12. Your stocking boosters

Eaten too much your feel uncomfortable? Try the ultimate over-indulgence cocktail life saver

Top tip - ¼ teaspoon of bicarbonate soda and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mix with half a glass of water. Instant indigestion relief.

Foods to help the hangover. While there is no magical cure for a hangover, several foods and drinks may help you feel better. Top tip - Load up on - Bananas, berries, asparagus, eggs, spinach, ginger tea are a few suggestions. Give your body real food and avoid the junk.

The magic bedtime potion. Re-hydration salts before bed to ease the next day hangover.

Sugary drinks are the devil, Choose wisely, move away from sugary mixers that bloat and dehydrate, swap in Vodka fresh lime & soda. Eases the hangover and reduces the added calories on top of your full belly.

I hope this guide helps you and your family have a fantastic Christmas, full of energy, love and nourishment.

Here’s to a fantastic 2020!


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