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Failure is success if we learn from it.

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

How many times have you said “why is this happening to me”? or “life is so unfair”? Comparing yourself to everyone around you, wishing you had what they had?

Let us tell you a story, a time when our founder hit rock bottom but in the process, discovered gratitude and acceptance.

She had been ‘living the dream’ in Sydney, when she received a call that her Dad had fallen ill after a stroke. She made the decision to return home, leaving friends who had become family, ending a relationship and walking away from 9 years of her life.

She was convinced that setting up a similar life in London would be easy...well aside from the weather. For why wouldn’t it be? Things had always gone in her way before, never struggling to get a job, always having enough money to do whatever she wanted, travel, restaurants, clothes, spending far too much on material things she thought were, ‘oh so important’ at the time.

She arrived back in November 2014, now living with her parents, she was on a mission to repeat her once fabulous life, scoring a high powered job, finding a flat, new man bla bla bla…..what she actually needed was to take a step back, to have patience and adjust to a new way of living, rather than expecting to bulldoze in and replicate what she had before.

Fast forward 7 months she was still without a job, interview after interview she started to become desperate, this had never happened before? What was she doing wrong? The self doubt started to creep in, she kept saying in her head, ‘I will be happy when I get a job, ‘everything will be fine when I move back to London’ but she was subconsciously pushing it away.

Something had to shift, she was depressed barely recognising her once vibrant self, as she scrolled through facebook, resenting all that she saw, she came across a yoga retreat that had her name written all over it.

Arriving in Ibiza she decided to completely shut off from the outside world, leaving her phone on airplane mode, this was her time. She wanted to let go of the self doubt, the internal dialogue of not being good enough, and comparison to others. During the week she practiced gratitude daily, reminding herself of all of the small things in her life she had taken for granted.

Soon she realised that it was ok to be where she was, that she needed to accept the situation and trust that it would all work out when it was supposed to. Not by forcing it because we need to experience the ups and downs of life, to learn and grow from them.

Gratitude is now part of her daily ritual, every morning she is grateful for 3 things, often more and each night before bed she reminds herself of all the great things that have happened that day. By appreciating all the wonder and comfort around us, we spend each day in state of joy and retire each evening with thanks in our heart.

Hannah moved back to London shortly after returning from Ibiza, she got what she thought at the time was a great job but there were lessons to learn there too. She now lives with her loving husband in their beautiful home, both of which she is thankful for each day.

How to be grateful each day in a matter of moments

This can be done wherever you are, even in the shower, ideally take a moment to sit each morning and think of the 3 things you are grateful for. Or you can write them down in a journal.

You can also use it as a way to visualise something you want to achieve that day. EG I am grateful for the meeting going well with my boss.


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