A recent study showed, the risk of being unfit has worse long term health implications to that of smoker.


A sedentary lifestyle results in 22.8 million working days lost to back, neck + shoulder pain and is the 2nd biggest cause of absence.

Healthy people are the biggest asset to any work force, they are more productive, take less time off sick and are a core part of a thriving business. 


We are here to make a change.

An exciting employee benefit and a way to help you get the most out of your team. 


Our aim is to work with you so we fit into your day and everyone feels the benefits.

No hassle for you, just a healthier, happier team.

Highly recommended by GPs for relieving back pain and is the perfect antidote for a pain free body.


Bring a class directly to the office and your time-sensitive team are more likely to incorporate it into their busy day.



Exercise instantly triggers a release of our happy hormones.

Reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, improve productivity, boost energy levels, leaving everyone feeling great and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

How we work

We bring these classes straight to your office, or source a studio that suits you. Equipment can be provided as part of a class package and classes can be tailored to suit all ability levels. Yoga & Pilates classes require a minimum of 45 mins & group fitness 30 mins. Group all three together or sign up to a weekly class, for reduced rates.

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