With office hours and workloads increasing, technology making us available 24 hours a day, it has never been so important to look after our mental health. 


Imagine a tool that can help you to perform better under pressure, improve decision making, creativity and focus. A tool that increases our learning potential and our ability to switch off at night and sleep soundly.  

Harvard quote that it is 'one of the most effective skills for a business executive'.

We all have access to meditation and can use it everyday, you don’t have to be a Tibetan monk or living in a yurt, nor is it difficult, you just have to dedicate time to do it.

“Meditation is a lifelong gift. It’s something you can call on at any time" - Paul McCartney




Improve focus

live better

What is mindfulness meditation, how do we do it and why should we make time to do it? It all starts with the first conscious breath.


This 60 minute workshop will include:

Techniques and exercises to 

  • Create calm by using our breath

  • Reduce stress levels  

  • Improve sleep 

  • Boost wellbeing 

  • Increase happiness 

The quality of our life, depends on the quality of our mind.


Our mind is the biggest opponent we will ever come up against so its important we learn how to master it. 

This 60 minute workshop will include:

Techniques and exercises to 

  • Improve focus to solve problems

  • Reduce stress, vital for decision making 

  • Observe rather than react 

  • Lead with calm in a crisis  

  • Connect and relate to colleagues 

Mindfulness is your secret weapon to being a more successful leader.

Our best ideas come from the wisdom within.

By learning to train our mind, like we train our bodies you can do things you never thought possible. 

This 60 minute workshop will include:

Techniques and exercises to 

  • Reduce limiting beliefs

  • Awareness of negative patterns 

  • Improve everyday mindset 

  • Boost confidence 

  • Help personal development  

Once we learn to observe our thoughts we have the ability to filter out the ones that bring tension to the body. 


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