As a generation, we are working longer, playing harder and 3 in 4 of us have felt so stressed in the last year we've felt 'overwhelmed' or 'unable to cope' according to the Mental Health Foundation.

Every aspect of your life influences your state of wellbeing whether we are overworked, under nourished, over indulging, sleep deprived or worrying about the latest breaking news. Many of us are at a constant state of change and uncertainty.

We can’t erase the stress and pressures in your life, but we can encourage you to make time for yourself, by sharing our tips and techniques, you can change perspective to support your mind and body.


“Well” is the word that matters: Health is now defined not merely as the absence of disease but as an asset that requires lifelong investment through wellness.


A productive and happy workforce starts with a clear and healthy mind. We will come to your office, or arrange a venue externally, to host unique and inspiring workshops specifically tailored to improve the emotional wellbeing of your team. 

Sleep is the biggest contributor to living better and is as important as nutrition and exercise. 48% of UK adults report they do not get enough sleep. 

We spend a ⅓ of our life asleep - the quality of your sleep impacts the quality of our life.

This 60 minute workshop will include:

- The importance of sleep and why we need it.

- Review of your current sleeping plan and ways to improve it.  

- Tips for managing jet lag and working across multiple time zones.

- Techniques and home remedies to help you switch off at night. 

Stress is now the biggest cause of absenteeism in the UK and costing employers an estimated £7.9 billion per year.


In this 60 minute workshop we cover


- The health implications of stress. 


- Find balance and avoid our short term reaction to stress.

- Advice on nutrition, exercise and mindset during times of stress.

- Breathing techniques to calm the mind

- Exercises that will instantly reduce stress and increase energy levels. 


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